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Gloriamari  Prado


Behind The Brush
Gloriamari Prado was born in Cuba, grew up in Brazil, Bermuda and England and has been an artist all her life. Gloriamari received her Masters from the Pratt School of Art & Design and worked as a graphic and package designer at Gianninoto Associates in New York City for many years. Her many creative contributions to brand imagery/package design benefited an international range of top-tier marketers and brands including Bacardi, Lipton, and Irish Mist Liqueur. Though she thrived in the commercial design arena, Gloriamari's natural artistic flair stemmed from her innate talent as a fine artist.

Gloriamari's watercolors and oil paintings have been compared to the composition of Georgia O'Keeffe, whose work was known for its purity, boldness, clarity and scale. She uses bright uninhibited color to accent the sensuality and passion of her subject matter. Gloriamari's paintings have been exhibited in galleries in Northern California. Her originals and giclee's are in private collections in New York, Miami, Nashville, the San Francisco Bay Area, Bermuda and London.

"When I spot something absolutely beautiful that turns my head & makes me stop & say WOW!!! Stunning!! Incredible! Amazing!! How beautiful- the color, the shape, the detail... I just have to paint it, to capture it & celebrate it!"
Gloriamari Prado

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