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Janis  Joplin


Janis Joplin was like a red hot burning ember. Very bright and powerful but short lived. In the few years that she was with us on a public stage we were constantly awed at her talent. Now, close to 40 years since her untimely death, her music and persona still top the charts. The legacy of Janis is stronger now than ever. Like many extremely talented people ,Janis was proficient in other fields as well as singing and performing.

We now are once again blown away when we see that she was also a very accomplished visual artist. Although the body of work that she did in those few years is limited, the works show us a very talented artist that was able to achieve a strong communication in her paintings and drawings.

Area arts, working closely with The Joplin Family and professional archivists, has painstakingly restored Janisí original paintings and drawings and used the images to create beautiful estate signed and stamped limited editions. Each piece is hand signed by Michael Joplin, Janisí brother, and officially stamped with Janisí signature.

Janisí first love was art and fashion design. She once quipped to her brother, very early in her singing career, that she only did the singing gigs to help pay for art supplies.

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