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Tricia  Buchanan-Benson


Following the pattern of most successful artists, Tricia Buchanan-Benson has had a self-proclaimed obsession with painting since an early age.

Drawing cartoons, a young determined woman wrote Walt Disney Studios at the age of 11, asking how to become an animator. Disney, always nurturing young artists and finishing their latest movie at the time, "Oliver and Company", sent her back full details on how to reach her goal. She has even surpassed her own imagination by becoming an animator on The Simpson's, King of the Hill, and Dilbert, specializing in character layout. She now has come full circle back to Disney Fine Art.

If you ask her to name one thing about art that is sure to get her excited it is "Line Quality", that fluid motion which gives a painting life. The confidence to commit thought to canvas, in a single stroke, mastered by the likes of Alphonse Mucha, Maxfield Parrish and animators like Marc Davis and Chuck Jones.

Tricia graduated from Loyola Marymount College with a degree in film, since at the time there was no degree for animation. Private seminars were the only way to hone the craft. At such a seminar Tricia was discovered. She was asked to "Test" for The Simpson's and Futurama. A "Test" is where the director gives the potential animator a scene to layout. She tested for The Simpson's first and as she was testing for Futurama she got the call from The Simpson's asking her to join their team. No longer being able to concentrate she could not finish the test. She thanked them and walked out to celebrate. She has never looked back.

Tricia combines the forever-popular turn of the century Art Nouveau style with the precious Disney's characters we have loved for years. Whether Tinker Bell is powdering her nose or The Cheshire Cat is applying his Vanishing Cream, her unique take on Disney's characters give us a glimpse into their life, that up until now we could only imagine.

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